I’m a sucker for Game Boy remake games.


WarioWare DIY microgame based on CTA Digital’s Wings for Wii. Inspired by our post about the absurd Wii Fit Plus accessory, Duncan Robson put together this microgame with nice, detailed art (check out the game on the TV screen!) and even a shoutout to a certain website.

Speaking of shouting out to websites, you should check Duncan’s site Microcartridge for more DIYsnapshots.” Reader Shawn Bradford also started a Tumblr microgame archive about other people’s works. I’m glad that people picked up Eric’s lazyweb idea

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Buy: WarioWare: D.I.Y. ($34.65)

Thanks for the mention!!  I’ve been lax recently but now I will have to redouble my effort!

Oh Mother,

Life’s so tough when you’re Mr Saturn.

[Via YouTube user florntree]

Tetris Trial (2:52) is my favorite due to it’s DMG style.

[Via YouTube user SamskyAndDaich]


This game is based on my experience with the San Francisco bay area’s public transit system.

My favorite part about Duncan’s WarioWare DIY games isn’t how clever and quick they are, though no doubt that is true as well, I like how the videos of his games aren’t shaky as hell and don’t include him powering on the DS.  Way to be professional sir!

No matter how hard this gets it has to be easier than rotating platforms in Tornado Man’s level.

[Via YouTube user N64Mario]

So glad to see the bad guys finally winning.

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I always hated the Medusa heads.

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